In line with the DEP ED Region 6 search for The Best Performing BLT (Busog Lusog Talino)School for the year, WVCST Professors together with DEP ED evaluators, were designated to evaluate public elementary schools which are under the BLT School Feeding Program.

                COE Professors were assigned to different schools each day to evaluate the implementation of the program such as the progress of the pupils’ weight, the preparation of food, cleanliness, participation of the parents and the pupils as well as the school to the said program.

                In N. J. Ingore Elementary School for example, which was evaluated by Dr. John Eric Juaneza and Prof. Ma. Arlyn Jimenez, there are only 14 pupils out of 40 who are left on the severely wasted mass index (malnourished), 20 are in the wasted category (low weight) and 6 pupils now have normal weight based on their 109th day implementation of the 136 days feeding cycle.

                The budget for every meal is Php 300.00 which is sponsored by the Jollibee Group Foundation, the Local Government Unit and partly also by the school. Parents are very supportive of the program wherein they are given the responsibility of the BLT Coordinator to do the marketing and preparation of the food.

                The evaluation of the public schools with BLT Feeding program runs for 1 week and is done during the feeding time. The schools involved are Graciano Lopez Jaena Elem. School, Feliciana Java Kelly Prim School, La Paz 2 Elem. School, Ticud Elem. School, Jalandoni Elem. School, Jaro 1 Elem. School, NJ Ingore Elem. School, Bakhaw Elem., Severo Abeto Elem. School, E. Yusay Elem. SchoolSchool, Jaro 2 Elem. School, Sambag Elem. School, Taal Elem. School, TCT AR-FIS, Cubay Elem. School, Molo 1 Elem School, Baluarte Elem. School, Angela Celis Elem. School, A. Mirasol Elem. School, L Mirasol Elem. School, Rizal Elem. School and Sto. Nino Elem. School.

                On the other hand, the evaluators are Professors Frisian Causing, Merlinda Tucar, Corazon Corbal, Georgia Demavibas, Cesar Panistante,  Chito Tumines,  Rowena Torres,  Sotero Fajarito,  Catherine Sumaculob, John Corona, Noli Mandario, Herbert Hermoso, Jasper Anne Gonzales, Bernadette de la Cruz, Elizabeth Geromiano, Ma. Arlyn Jimenez, Jerry Jovacon, John Erirc Juaneza, John Rey Monte,  Carmen Cruzata, Liza Mae Mospa, Susan Pagunsan, Gloria Oscares, Alma Palabrica, Jojet Castronuevo, Ana Maria Denosta, Renelda Nacianceno, Adrienne Veloso, Elizabeth Geromiano and Ramon Aguado.

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