The College of Education, Technology and Livelihood Education Department, had their educational tour in Luzon for 5 days from October 21 to 25, 2013, to get abreast with the current technology of industrial companies and be exposed more to the best practices done by other State Universities that may be helpful for WVCST and its faculty.

The first stop of the group was Ifugao State University where they got impressed with the natural landscape of the campus and also had the chance to check on the different programs offered by the university.

                Before reaching the next destination, the group took a scenic route to Banaue Rice Terraces, The Sagada and the majestic Sierra Madre. They also had the chance to visit the Windmill turbine in Ilocos Norte where they generate electricity thru the movement of the wind, with all the turbines facing the ocean.

                Other universities visited by the group were the University of Northern Philippines, Pangasinan State University and the Mariano Marcos State University which offers Ceramic Engineering that made the university known as the Center of Development which was granted by CHED. Tarlac State University was also included in their destination where the University President toured them around including to the school business enterprise that really helps the university earn their income.

                The TLE faculty was warmly welcomed in Batangas State University by its VP for Academic affairs and its faculty members. Batangas State University showcased their library, where books are accounted thru bar codes, school gates are controlled by bar codes in their students’ IDs and impressive buildings like their 5-storey building, home-tel with elevator and wi-fi facilities all over the campus. They were even more impressed with the hospitality of the Batangueños when tokens were handed to them by the faculty of the state university.

                Meanwhile, there were two industrial companies that the group dropped in – the Tri-R and Choryo Industries, all located at Silang, Cavite. The Company President who happened to be an Ilongga, ushered them around showing the robotics, pneumatic, hydraulic technology and other huge machines. They were also exposed to some of the company’s operations like the cutting of hard and thick metals thru laser technology.

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