HRT Sophomores won this year’s RosaZumbaDanza Culminating Activity which was organized by Professor Rose Mosquera of the P.E. Department for students who are taking P.E. 3- Rhythmic Activities.

This activity intended to see what the students learned from class thru performing the rhythmic activities. At the same time, it is for the promotion of Zumba and Dancing as a way of keeping wellness and physical fitness.

Eleven participating sections composed of second year students from different colleges set the dancefloor on fire as they danced to the beat of the live band Ritmo Tambores & RCP Band. The performers were judged based on their performance, choreography, costume and discipline. Likewise, the judges who came from the faculty and staff of the College had their share in showing off their dancing prowess before the contest began.

In the end, only 4 great performers emerged from the group.

Champion HRT 2A
1st Runner up HRT 2C
2nd Runner up HRT 2B
3rd Runner up HRT 2E

The other competing groups are from BSED, BS Computer Science, BS Architecture, BS Info Tech 2A and 2B, and HRT 2F and 2G.

The winners received a trophy.