If there is someone who is most excited, happiest and very supportive of the celebration on the 108th Foundation Anniversary of WVCST, that person is no other than the College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. In his speech in the opening ceremony, the President expressed how happy he is that WVCST has reached 108 years and is still soaring high. He said that it simply means that the College has been performing well because if not it wouldn’t have gone this far.

In addition, Dr. Sorolla encouraged everyone to continue giving their best because the College is starting to reap what they have been working for. “Continue to work hard, enjoy what you are doing especially in this celebration for this might be the last of our Foundation Anniversary as a College because sooner we will already become what we have been dreaming of… to become Iloilo Science and Technology University.” However, before achieving this, according to him, we shouldn’t stop dreaming and achieving goals. “Soar high and do what is best. Just be patient and pray that they will now give time to our documents. I know the time is coming nearer.”

The President also took the opportunity to thank everybody who has done their part for the success of this celebration but left high expectations for next year’s celebration because for him the school will be celebrating our next foundation anniversary not as a College but as a University.