“The generation of today is our future. The talents that they will show us are the proofs that they have the potentials of becoming efficient citizens of the future.” Words of encouragement from Dr. Nehema K. Misola, College VP for Admin and Finance. This was her conclusion as she tried to analyze what lies ahead as she looked at the contestants for the Literary Musical Contest on the 2nd day of the celebration of the Foundation Anniversary.

Dr. Misola expressed her appreciation to the faculty as they continue to do their responsibility in helping WVCST mold the students to become the hope and the future of the nation. She is optimistic that the administration together with the faculty and personnel can make a difference in touching the lives of the students entrusted to this institution. For, she said, “these students may either become great personalities of our society or may become another Janet Lim-Napoles who turned out to be a burden of the Philippine society.” She believes that whatever the future of the students be is what this institution made them.

The Literary Musical Contest was the afternoon activity on the 2nd day of the Foundation Anniversary celebration which included Extemporaneous Speaking, Character Interpretation and Pagkukuwento for the Literary Contest and Vocal Solo and Duet, both in OPM, and Guitar Playing for the Musical Contest. It was then followed by the Hip-Hop Dance Contest and the Dance Sports.

Earlier that day was the Skills Olympics in different categories like Architectural Drafting, Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics, Fashion and Apparel Technology, FCM Technology, HVACR Technology, Computer Technology and Mechanical Technology.