To empower more the faculty and staff of the College in giving the quality service, a seminar on Work Ethics for Educators was conducted on July 31 at WVCST Board Room. Participants were members of the faculty and staff of different Colleges who were randomly selected.

This seminar is the third part of the workshop conducted by the Quality Assurance Management Office headed by the College Administrator, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr. The trainer of the said seminar was Ms. Cynthia R. Ramirez, an Associate Management System Senior Lead Auditor of Certification International Philippines Inc. (CIPI). She is also a freelance Trainer and Consultant of ISO 9001 Management Systems.

According to Ms. Ramirez, a person has good work ethics when he works hard and exhibits a great deal of pride in his work. She emphasized that work ethics is a system within oneself, which means we define our own meaning of work ethics based on how we deal with our work.

Other topics discussed were the definition of work ethics, the rationale of work ethics and what should be possessed to have good work ethics (Inter-Personal Skills, Dependable, Initiative, Devotion/ Dedication).