Based on the Office Memorandum No. 63 s. 2013, the following faculty are hereby designated to the various positions indicated as approved by the Board of Trustees on June 19, 2013 on its 167th (2nd Quarter) BOT Meeting.

Main Campus: (Resolution No. 52 – 2013 effective June 19, 2013 to May 31, 2015

Dr. Dominico Sergie O. Valenciana Dean, College of Industrial Technology
Dr. Alma C. Palabrica Director, Income Generating Project
Dr. Renelda P. Nacianceno Senior Faculty Researcher, Quality Assurance Accreditation
Dr. Alejo P. Biton Coordinator, Graduate School
Dr. Catherine L. Sumaculob Head, Professional Subjects Department
Dr. Carmen L. Cruzata Chair, Pedagogy Section
Dr. Merlinda T. Tucar Chair, Home Economics Section
Mr. Jojet C. Castronuevo Chair, Technology Section
Dr. Noli R. Mandario Extension Coordinator, COE
Dr. Frizian Y. Causing Graduate School Coordinator, COE
Mrs. Bernadette F. de la Cruz Guidance Counselor, COE
Dr. Georgia D. Demavibas Research Coordinator,COE
Mr. Robert A. Guillergan Head, Evening Vocational Course
Mr. Gerardo F. Araque Head, Regular Evening Program
Mr. Felipe C. Cabarles, Jr. Laboratory/Stockroom In-Charge, CAS
Dr. Arlene D. Hortillosa Program Coordinator, MA Math, CAS
Dr. Andres B. Ortega, Jr. Extension Services Coordinator, CAS
Dr. Belinda M. Go Research Council Coordinator, CAS
Miss Cherry Pink D. Barredo Chair, Community Development Section
Mrs. Lynna B. Marquilencia Guidance Counselor, CAS

Barotac Campus: (Resolution No. 52 – 2013 effective June 19, 2013 to May 31, 2015

Mrs. Nilde S. Alderete Head, General Education and Professional Subjects Department
Mr. Nestor P. Genoso Head, Technology Department & NSTP Instructor
Mrs. Lorna M. Pepito Head, Office of Students Affairs
Mrs. Margie P. Deita Head, Research Services
Mrs. Cynthia D. Dilag Head, Extension Services & Cultural Activities
Mr. Cyril A. Villanueva Head, Development Planning & Environment Officer/ NSTP Coordinator
Mrs. Jeana D. Legayada Head, Administrative Services Department
Mrs. Marlah Francis E. Besona Program Coordinator, BS Information Technology
Mrs. Lilibeth P. Prudente Program Coordinator, BSHRT Curriculum & Chair, Resource Generation
Mrs. Teresita B. Sina-on Program Coordinator, BSEd Curriculum
Mrs. Ma. Soledad T. Calderon Program Coordinator, BIT
Mrs. Jocelyn S. Acero Guidance Counselor, Scholarships, Housing & Auxiliary Services
Mrs. Armi A. Alimo-ot Quality Assurance Manager & Chair, Student Teaching
Mrs. Jenette B. Marfil Chair, Sports Activities
Mr. Ramon B. Olbe Chair, Linkage & Placement, OJT Coordinator
Mrs. Evaline L. Apura GAD, Focal Person

Dumangas Campus: (Resolution No. 52-A – 2013 effective July 8, 2013 to July 7, 2015)

Dr. Noel S. Quidato Campus Administrator, Dumangas Campus