As Filipino households and government employees await the fourth State of the Nation Address of President Noynoy S. Aquino III, so much as the students of WVCST

As a tradition, a widescreen was set up for the students to view the opening of the 16th Congress and the President’s SONA. Students from different Colleges gathered in the covered gym to watch and listen intently to the good news of the country’s leader. It was also undeniable that students were awed as the female members of the congress as well as the spouses of our lawmakers stepped into the red carpet.

Silence ruled when the President started delivering his “report to his bosses” as each student waited for something that would directly benefit them. Be it good news or bad, the students’ reaction is divided. Some are happy about President Aquino’s report, while others think it is just the same. However, what is clear is that our students now are more aware, vigilant and open minded about the issues around us just what the President said in recognizing the unheralded contributions of teachers , police officers, wise voters, students and many more “who made the stubborn see reason. “