A substantial line of infrastructure projects are on hand for the improvement and modernization of the main campus of WVCST. Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr., Director, Planning and Development, reports that for now there are 4 on going projects, 1 of which is 100% completed already and a handful of others waiting to be started.

According to the data, the construction of the College Library-Phase 3 with an awarded contract price of Php2, 403, 640.75 that began in March, is almost ready for occupancy. This project was completed on June 13, 2013.

The repair of the Teacher Education Building (TEB) and the Administration Building facades with covered walkway has a contract price of Php 1,805,173.00. It started in July and will be finished by next month while the construction of the CEA-ICT Building (College of Engineering and Architecture-Information and Communication Technology) with an awarded contract price of Php109,556,711.71is anticipated to be accomplished in December also of this year. The CEA-ICT Building is located at the new site facing the main campus.

Expected to be finished in August 12, 2013 is the Hotel and Restaurant Technology (HRT) Service Center –Phase 2 which was started on March 26, 2013 and is at its 67.87% of completion (as of July 10, 2013). In this construction, a contract price of Php4, 006,014.45 was given.

Other projects on queue are the Rehabilitation of N Building Phase 1 and L Building Phase 1, all located in the main campus to be able to cater the fast growing population of students. Meanwhile, in the Satellite Campuses, projects waiting to be started are the construction of the HRT Center in Miag-ao Campus, repair and expansion of the Convention Hall of Leon Campus and the construction of the Entrepreneurial Lane in Barotac Nuevo Campus. A total appropriated cost of Php27,667,000.00 is set for all these future constructions.