“We intend to continue with our High School.”  Strong words of assurance from WVCST College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. as he spoke in the oath taking ceremony of the High School PTA Officers held last July 12, 2013.

This assurance was made behind all the speculations and fear of phasing out the laboratory school once the College becomes a University.  Dr. Sorolla explained that although the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recommended all SUC’s or State Universities and Colleges to focus on the Tertiary level and not to the Secondary level, it doesn’t mean that the existence of the high school is at stake.  He further said that CHED allows the existence of the high school provided we abide by the restrictions and conditions set by the commission. 

What are these restrictions and conditions?  One restriction that was mentioned in his speech is a close monitoring of the budget. Financial resources should be solely used for the Tertiary level and not for the Secondary level or High School.   CHED agrees to have the High School in some conditions – first, the total population for the whole system should not exceed 500.  At present, our High School population records only 384 students. The second condition that we have to follow is to find our own sources of funds for operating our High School.  According to the President, the school is really very happy with the support coming from the High School PTA especially with the facilities and other projects that they sponsor for the benefits of the students. The third condition mentioned is for the high school to serve as the laboratory school for education for the Teacher Education Students. 

By and large, if WVCST meets  all the requirements of CHED, as well as manage some few problems, the existence of the WVCST High School continues. With this, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. appreciated the High School PTA for their commitment to the school and assured to work hand in hand with them for a better WVCST High School.