Cash Office


Mylene A. Cababasay
Administrative Officer V
Cashier III


  • Maintain Disbursement Books for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF, 163)
  • Maintain Cash Advance Book for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF, 163)
  • Prepare and submit Monthly List of Checks Issued for Fund (RA8292, SMF, 163, ETC, and 101)
  • Prepare Monthly report of accountability (Checks) for Fund (101, NFE, AP, CB, ETC, SMF, RA, CEA ICT, POS, RA8292, CICT, STUFAP, and 163)
  • Prepare Report of Disbursements for Fund (101, RA8292, SMF and 163)
  • Prepare liquidation of Petty Cash
  • Maintain Petty Cash Fund
  • Release Scholarships, honorariums, salaries and refund of students.
  • Encash all cash advances
  • Disburse Encash checks and petty cash fund
  • Request and receive bank statements from depository banks monthly.
  • Request and purchase accountable forms (Official Receipts and Checks)


Lida J. Batuigas
Administrative Asst. II

Jennifer E. Alcudia
Administrative Aide VI

Marie Faye J. Lubog
Cashier Staff

Jolefe P. Gicanal
Cashier Staff