Industry Linkages and Development Office

Dr. Remia L. Doctora
Director, Industry Linkages and Development Office


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish a variety of linkages with private/public agencies and organization, local, national and international.
  • Facilitate on-the-job Trainees in processing Memorandum of Agreement between ISAT University and partnered company /agency. As well as, monitor and evaluate the on-the-job Training Centers where ISAT University’s students are placed as they complete the requirements of their field of specialization.
  • Manage and assist various employment opportunities for the ISAT University graduates.
  • Maintain congenial relations with industry partners committed to support the University.
  • Develop database for Job Placement and monitoring of graduates.
  • Enhance strategies to expand with industries and other government agencies
  • Other responsibilities assigned by the VPEA and approved by the University President deemed necessary for the fulfillment and realization of vision, mission and institutional goals of the university.





Ms. Evangelia Decinal