Office of the VPEA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate strong relationships and collaborations with other educational institutions, relevant government and non-government agencies, alumni organizations, industries and other sectors of society that can assist ISAT U in accomplishing its mandate in accordance with the national agenda.
  • Explore and identify possibilities of linkage development, cooperation and partnership with various sectors in local and international levels that will redound to the realization of ISAT U’s mission and vision.
  • Promote and sustain institutional, industrial and organizational collaborations and consortiums with local and foreign universities, industries and organizations in the form of student and faculty exchange, joint research programs, exchange of publications, sponsorship of conferences, consortia fro program implementation, faculty industry immersion, students industrial training and other academic activities in the light of Transnational Education.
  • Establish a variety of institutional linkages with educational institutions, research institutes, private or industrial companies, consultancy firms, government agencies, multinational corporations and agencies and professional organizations, both local and international. These linkages are deemed to significantly enhance and compliment the four-fold functions of the University — instruction, research, extension and production.
  • Manage and assist various employment opportunities for the ISAT University’s graduates and involved in the identification, monitoring and evaluation of the On the Job Training Centers were ISAT University’s students are placed as they complete the requirements of their fields of specializations.
  • Enhance international collaboration and partnership to 170 member countries of the UNESCO UNEVOC Network as the UNEVOC Philippines’ Center since September 22, 1994
  • Perform other official duties and responsibilities as upon directives of the University President.
  • Work hand in hand with the Director of National and International Affairs, Director for Alumni Affairs and the Director for Industry, Linkages and Development.




Ms. Lyza Belle A. Lagura