ISAT University’s Bachelor in Elementary Education program has been named the #1 top performing school in the entire country after achieving 98.65% passing rate on the March 2024 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

The achievement cements ISAT U’s standing as a leader in teacher education. University President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre Jr. expressed immense pride in the program and its students.

“This is an outstanding accomplishment that reflects the hard work of our faculty and the dedication of our students,” said Dr. Salistre. “Preparing highly qualified teachers is vital to uplifting educational outcomes, and this ranking shows ISAT U is excelling at that mission.”

Hours of classroom observations, tutoring, and student teaching shape ISAT U’s future elementary educators. Hands-on application of research-based practices, under the guidance of veteran mentor teachers, allows students to graduate as confident, capable educators ready for their own classrooms. Dr. Joel Ciriaco is currently the Dean of the College of Education.

Dr. Corazon C. Corbal, Vice President for Academic Affairs, praised the Elementary Education faculty and students for their remarkable teamwork and commitment to excellence.

“This ranking validates the quality of our program and the caliber of our teaching and learning,” said Dr. Corbal. “Our elementary educators are truly among the best trained in the nation.”

With a 98.65% LET passing rate, ISAT U has solidified its reputation as the top producer of new elementary teachers in the Philippines this year. The University looks forward to its continued national leadership in developing exceptional educators across all levels.